Dr and staff are committed to provide comprehensive and up to date dermatological care with an emphasis on client's safety, privacy and autonomy. Each client will be offered a respectful and unique experience from the moment of the first consultation, to the treatment procedures up to the post-procedural treatments. We will use the latest technological advancements in treating dermatologic and cosmetic concerns to produce aesthetically-pleasing results.



  • Skin Injects:  Anti-wrinkle treatment

Your cosmetic medical doctor will sit down with you and discuss your areas of concern. You will be given an informed consent, before, during and after the procedure.


    • COLLAGEN induction therapy


    • AGEING

    • Hyper/hypo pigmatations


    • ACNE SCARRING/MILIA/enlarged pores

    • STRIAE

    • Alopecia

    • Vitiligo

    • AND THE LATEST TATT OFF DERMAPEN: to remove tattoo

  • Doctors Chemical Peel


Services Includes :

Book a free consultation with our Doctor who will analyse your skin and recommend the best treatment options for your skin conditions


  • How does Chemical skin Peels work?

Skin peels dissolve skin cell on the surface and temporarily open up microscopic gaps between the skin cells which allows the peel to penetrate to the deeper layers where it's action is needed.


  • How many treatments are usually needed:

Our chemical peels are a course of 3-4. One every 2 to 3 weeks and are preceded by 2-3 weeks preparation.


  • How long is each treatment

Each procedure is generally 10-15 minutes which will include any preparation and post procedure necessities.


  • How will it feel?

Peels usually produce temporary stinging sensation which passes quickly and is well controlled by our in-house cooling system.


  • What happens after treatment:

Generally , there is no redness or swelling post peel , however your skin may feel a bit drier than normal which can be helped by using products provided.


  • When can I see the effects?

Depending on your skin type and problem, you may see results after one peel but the course is designed to work over 3 months.


  • How do I start?

Book a free consultation with our Doctor who will analyse your skin and recommend the best treatment options for your skin conditions.

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